Tamara's Escape


2052:  in a North America ripped apart by a brutal Civil War, can one young woman get to safety? Body doubles, intrigue, murder, mass executions and sniper attacks endanger Tamara’s flight from the Confederacy in “Tamara’s Escape,” Chapter One of “More Perfect Union.”

Tamara O’Neal, a 17-year old girl from Alexandria, Virginia in 2052, makes a harrowing journey across 2,000 miles of Southern landscape to get to safety and freedom. During her escape, her eyes are opened to the truth about ConFed Territory, and her horror becomes steely resolve to fight against ConFed’s cruelty and injustice.

Helped on her journey by her father Chad O’Neal, mother Jocelyn, and by Henry Blackstone, her transformation from spoiled princess to dedicated revolutionary and her enduring friendships with two other young teens, Mallory and Peter, begin here in Volume 1, “Tamara’s Escape.”