Chad O'Neal

Chad O’Neal is a true son of the Confederacy.  A second-generation government official and Deputy Director of the Department of State, Chad and his family live in a sumptuous mansion in Alexandria, Virginia.  He and his wife Jocelyn dote on their daughters Beth and Tamara, who have enjoyed lives of luxury afforded only to the elite of ConFed society.

Chad grew up in Atlanta with his cousin Daniel, becoming fast boyhood friends with Evan Fernandez before the War.  Despite landing on opposite sides of the conflict, Chad and Evan have maintained contact through diplomatic back channels over the years.

When double tragedies the previous year turned his life upside down, Chad reached out to his old friend.  Together they devised a desperate plan using an Underground Railroad network stretching across 2,000 miles of hostile territory to smuggle Tamara to safety.  

(Favorite hobbies: travel, diplomacy, Revolutionary War history)

Follow the story of Chad, Jocelyn and Tamara in “Tamara’s Escape” Vol. 1 of More Perfect Union coming out in Spring, 2018.