Evan Fernandez

Evan Fernandez grew up in Atlanta, Georgia after his father moved the family there for a high tech job in 2014.  He became close friends with Chad O’Neal and Daniel Carrigan, first cousins in his class at school.  The three boys were inseparable, despite different family politics. While Evan’s family remained staunchly liberal Mexican-Americans, Chad and Daniel’s families followed a more conservative path.  Just before war broke out, Alberto Fernandez moved the family back to Albuquerque, New Mexico. The boys were wrenched apart but swore eternal friendship.

Evan served in the New Albion military in the campaigns of 2031 and 2033, then became a career military specialist in intelligence and refugee facilitation.  He’s maintained his connection with Chad and Daniel through diplomatic back channels and is currently the Director of Refugee Extraction, informally called the Underground Railroad.  He’s also the father of Mallory and Sean and the partner of Kimberly Bassett.

(Favorite hobbies: geo caching, bow hunting, breakfast cuisine)

Read about Evan’s fierce commitment to Refugee Extraction in “Evan’s Story” currently available as a web comic on the More Perfect Union website, amoreperfectunion.co.