Jocelyn O’Neal

Jocelyn walks a fine line in ConFed’s patriarchy.  As the wife of Chad, a top government official, she is fully accepted into Washington D.C. high society.  But sometimes there are whispers about her “foreign” ways. Half-Persian, daughter of a pre-War female surgeon, Jocelyn witnessed her mother’s forced conversion to Christianity and subsequent restricted medical practice.  Growing up, Jocelyn learned to cloak her Persian ancestry with conformity, and so her life with her daughters Beth and Tamara and husband Chad is calm, comfortable and orderly.  

Then something terrible happened and her eyes were opened to the harsh reality of life in ConFed.  Now, nothing will stop her from getting Tamara to safety in New Albion, even the threat of prison or death.

(Favorite hobbies: cooking, interior design, Middle Eastern history.)

Follow the story of Chad, Jocelyn and Tamara in “Tamara’s Escape” Vol. 1 of More Perfect Union coming out in Spring, 2018.