Mallory Fernandez

Mallory Fernandez, 18, is a typical New Albion femme: athletic, poised, intelligent and capable.  But there’s trouble in Paradise…despite many freedoms and accomplishments, Mallory is sick of New Albion’s “contract” system.  Her parents’ contract is about to expire and, in spite of the fact that they’ve re-upped three times, this time it looks like they won’t renew.  This is shattering news, because unlike most young people her age, she hates the fact that “love,” “commitment” and “marriage” are dirty words in New Albion.

(Favorite hobbies: hiking, climbing, guiding, watching old Hallmark Channel movies.)

In Vol. 2 of More Perfect Union, “Going Back to Go Forward,” Mallory meets and bonds with Peter and Tamara, second cousins from ConFed, taking a step toward love and the family she so deeply desires.