Peter Carrigan

The product of an important ConFed family, Peter Carrigan at 17 appears to be a model citizen: excellent student, social volunteer and dutiful son.   Beneath Peter’s conservative exterior, however, lurks the soul of a budding political revolutionary, sharpened through forays into the seamier parts of Baltimore late at night.  Paired with wicked drawing skills, Peter’s comic The Courant has become a voice for the dispossessed and disenfranchised in Washington D.C.   

More recently, he’s agreed to a school exchange to New Albion to support ConFed’s nascent Resistance movement, founded by his and his cousins’ parents in response to the events of the previous year.  

(Favorite hobbies: drawing, sketching, running, archeology.)

Peter’s role in the events of 2052 begins in Vol. 2 of More Perfect Union “Going Back to Go Forward” coming in Fall 2018.