Sean Fernandez

Sean Fernandez, 16, feels like a changeling in his own family.  Big, blonde, athletic, he loves sports and competitive games and atypically, is intrigued by his grandmother’s Catholic religion. Unlike his parents and sister, he’s not much interested in politics, spying or saving people, and he’s often bored and confused by conversations around the dinner table.  

So, when Sean meets Tamara from ConFed in Vol. 2 “Going Back to Go Forward,” he’s instantly smitten with her energy, rebelliousness and feisty spirit.  Things don’t go smoothly for the young lovers, though, and soon Sean’s path leads him away from Tamara on a spirit quest among his father’s family in the wilds of New Mexico.  

(Favorite hobbies: collecting antique trading cards from the old American football leagues, rock climbing, eating.)

Look for much more on Sean’s journey in future issues of More Perfect Union.