The Great Shift Animated Short Comes to Life

By Rebecca,

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Creative Art Director Chuck Eyler has produced preliminary storyboards for The Great Shift animated short, the foundation story for More Perfect Union.

Based on real history, the “blood train” shows war at its cruelest, when innocent victims pay the ultimate price.  Our heroes must dig deep for courage and strength in a world gone mad.

The Great Shift sets the stage for the interwoven history of four families: the Fernandez’s, Patel’s, Bassett’s and O’Neal’s.

In the first panels, Susan and Kimberly Bassett walk wearily into the Omaha, Nebraska train station after a long journey from Chicago.  With other refugees, they wait for the last train out of Omaha, which will take them to Boulder, Colorado, now the capital of the new government of New Albion.

But something is amiss.