The Great Shift

The Great Shift – the story of the Bassett, Fernandez and Patel families during the tumultuous dissolution of the United States.  Set in 2023 North America, it is a story of courage amidst crushing hardships during a time of political upheaval and chaos.

The end of Civil War II has left the United States broken and bleeding.  Two main territories have emerged: New Albion, a Utopian country created from Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona, and The Confederacy, the former slave states prior to Civil War I.  As part of the ceasefire agreement, free passage between territories is guaranteed for one week beginning in July, 2023.   People are allowed to bring belongings, pets and family or friends on journeys that sometimes stretch thousands of miles.  The free, safe passage time is called The Great Shift.


Storyboards for Pre-Production on Video Game.