The United States Of America


In the near-future world of More Perfect Union, two main countries have emerged after a devastating civil war has destroyed the United States: New Albion and the Confederacy.

New Albion is a female-centric society in which marriage is banished in favor of contracts while affording women complete control over their own bodies.  Environmentally conscious and Earth-friendly, New Albion is egalitarian and inclusive, a little bit hippy, a little bit high tech.

The other country is ConFed, the Confederacy of old. In contrast to New Albion, ConFed is a bastion of male domination where most women have lost the right to vote, women’s reproductive rights are non-existent and life is very good for the very few.

The story begins in 2052 in Alexandria, Virginia in ConFed territory, where an elaborate ruse has been devised to get Tamara O’Neal out of the country.  Tamara17, is a kick-ass, sharp-shooting Southern Belle who has enjoyed a life of wealth and privilege.  After the tragic death of Tamara’s sister Beth at the hands of an outlaw abortionist a year earlier, Tamara’s parents arrange for her to be smuggled out of ConFed to the safety of New Albion.

During harrowing experiences across 2,000 miles of Southern landscape, Tamara sees the truth about ConFed .  Her initial reluctance to leave turns to horror, then to steely resolve to fight against ConFed’s cruelty and injustice.

Her transformation from spoiled princess to dedicated revolutionary and her enduring friendships with Mallory from New Albion and her cousin Peter from ConFed begin here in Volume 1, “Tamara’s Escape.”